We at Thai Naam by Ananda believe strongly in the Sanskrit phrase "Athithi Devo Bhava", meaning "The Guest is God". For each of us its an honour to serve you and our greatest reward is your smile.

Chef Ananda Solomon

He commenced his culinary career in 1975 after graduating from the Dadar Catering College. He introduced India to Thai food, started iconic restaurants, spearheaded all the kitchens for a leading hospitality chain and has been an inspiration to chefs across the nation.

According to him a great chef always ensures a perfect balance in his dishes. Herbs and spices are very important but so are the basic ingredients - for example in a chicken curry, the curry sauce should not overpower the chicken flavours and taste.

He derives his inspiration by travelling, speaking to people and also spending time with the older generation from who he has gleaned an immense treasure of culinary knowledge.

Cooking is an art to be learnt and the more ancient the art the more in-depth the learning.

Mohammed Talha - MANAGER

With a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, Talha excels in customer service and is always available to guide you through the menu or personalise a memorable experience specially for you.